Hi, my name is John Keene and I am the painting machine. I have developed my painting company from the ground up and I would like to help you do the same.

This website is about you starting your own painting company. I believe I can show you a fast track to do so. Most painters will tell you it will take you years of working for someone else before you can start your own business

"I totally disagree!"

There is a shortage of good painters, just ask your local paint store
I have approximately 800 customers and all my business is by customer referral
I am booked up the rest of my life.

Have you ever met a painter that:
  1. Is booked up for the rest of his life
  2. Has never had his name and phone number on the side of his van
  3. Has not had business cards in years
  4. Has spent less than $200 on advertising (one time in a church bulletin)
  5. Has never had a ladder rack on his van
  6. Turns down new customers every week, sometimes 2-3 per week
  7. Never paints outside
  8. Never does high work - no ladder needed
  9. Always, Always, Always has 15-25 paint jobs waiting on him. January is just as busy as July
  10. Has no employees